10 Makeup Tips To Make Skin Look Younger

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Although we may all agree that age is a number, wrinkles and fine lines can make us feel sleepy at night. Vitamin C retinol and co-enzymeQ-10, as well as other anti-ageing therapies, can reduce the signs of aging when applied over time. However, makeup can be very helpful in concealing signs of aging like uneven skin tone, age spots, wrinkles, and fine lines. We have 12 makeup tips to make your skin look younger and more youthful.

1.Don’t Forget to Moisturize :- Moisturisation was essential for your skin in your 20s. However, as your skin matures, its importance increases tenfold. No one wants dry, sagging skin that will only accentuate wrinkles. Before applying makeup, make sure to properly hydrate and moisturize your skin. Your skin will look more youthful and supple if it has moisture.

2. Choose moisturizing and hydrating makeup products: -Good moisturization is essential for mature skin. You should switch from matte to moisture-based foundations. Your foundation is the first thing that needs to change. You have to go for moisturising/hydrating cream or gel-based foundations. These foundations will give your skin a soft, smooth look and make it appear glossy rather than cakey. The application of foundation should be carefully done, with more attention to wrinkled or sagging areas. Powder makeup makes skin look older.

3. Choose a yellow-toned foundation or gold:- The most important characteristic of sagging, aged and mature skin is the tendency to turn reddish or ashy when using makeup. To correct this, you will need a foundation that is gold- or yellow-toned. This will help to counter the greyness and ashiness. The gold-toned foundation will not only correct your skin’s colour, but it will also give you a subtle glow. It will conceal your skin’s sagging appearance and give it a youthful glow.

4. Apply a creamy concealer: – As your skin starts to wrinkle and sag, a concealer is essential. Concealer can conceal the signs of ageing and add brightness to your skin. It is important to use moisturizing, creamy concealers. Powder-based concealers should be avoided as they can make the skin look more aged and will accentuate its dryness. A cream-based concealer can be used for dark circles, undereyes, crow’s feet, dark spots, or sagging skin.

5. You can use pencil eyeliner to wake up your eyes :- Eye pencils are a great way to achieve this effect. To instantly awaken your eyes, apply a n*de pencil to the inner rim. Apply a dark line along the upper lash line to make your eyes stand out. These two colors will instantly give you a younger appearance by focusing on your eyes.

6. Use Vaseline or highlighter on high points:- As your skin ages, your bone structure becomes more obvious. This is a blessing in disguise. Apply shimmer or highlighter to the highest points of your face to make the most of this fact. It will take the focus off of the sagging skin. Use a fine brush to apply a highlighter on the cheekbones and bridge of your nose. Also, make sure you touch the cupid’s bow, the middle of your forehead, and the centre of your forehead. You can also use Vaseline to give the illusion of a beautifully highlighted face if you don’t have a highlighter.

7. Make sure you use an Eyeshadow Base :- As your skin ages, it can be difficult to apply eyeshadow due to all the creasing or accentuating wrinkles. Don’t let age stop you from doing what you love. Apply a light coat of eyeshadow to your lids before you apply the shadow. This will smoothen and conceal the creases, as well as reduce the dark circles around your eyes. Your eyes will appear more youthful after you have finished applying the eyeshadow.

8. Swap powder blush with creamy blush:- Mix peach and pink blushes together and then apply them to the apples of your cheeks. This will add brightness and freshness to the entire look.

9. Mix Non-Comedogenic Foundation Oil: – One or two drops of noncomedogenic, but nourishing facial oil (rosehip and sweet almond oils for example) will give the entire look a radiant glow.

10. Choose neutral or pink lipsticks: -Pink lipsticks, coral tones and neutral shades will look great on mature skin.

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