10 Tips to Look Stunning in all your Pictures

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It would be hard to find anyone here who wouldn’t get their photos taken – it is usually because they don’t think they look good enough or aren’t photogenic enough. Have you ever envied a friend who takes flawless photos? You are not the only one! Some people are naturally photogenic, while others need to learn how to look good in photos. While a lot of this is up to the photographer, there are some things that the subject can do in order to look better. We have some tips for making photos look amazing, no matter if they are professional or selfies. A photograph is two-dimensional from one angle. A photograph doesn’t reveal all of your physical attributes, which is the bad part. You can hide those you don’t like, and highlight the ones you do like. Amazingly, you can use these tips to your advantage! Continue reading!

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  • Don’t look directly at your camera.
  • To get rid of double-chin, tilt your head up slightly. You can also place your tongue behind your teeth, but not against your mouth’s roof.
  • A straight, well-maintained posture will make you appear confident and attractive. Slouching makes you appear weak and lazy. Your back should be straight, and your bones should be spread out. As heels make it easier to stand straight, you can also wear heels.
  • Do not stand straight in front of the camera, as if you were being arrested. You can instead try the’model pose’. Your body should be about 3/4th towards the camera. Then, shift your weight to the foot closest to the camera. This will make you appear taller and slimmer.
  • To get a full body shot, you should take them from below your belly button. This will allow for a longer reach and better proportions.
  • When you click, always face the sun. If you turn your back towards the light, it can cause shadows that are often unflattering. Natural light should always be preferred.
  • Choose colours and styles that flatter your body for events and occasions where you are sure to be noticed. Consider your hair color when choosing the color or print you will wear.
  • Avoid SPF foundations and BB creams as they can reflect a whitish tint in photos. Orange lipsticks can give your teeth a yellowish tint so don’t wear them.
  • Learn to smile 3/4th. A big smile looks unnatural, and people will notice your pink gums more than your beautiful face. You’ll notice that your fake smile is obvious when you practice smiling in front the mirror. This will also be what the photos will look like. You will eventually find the most flattering smile.
  • Instead of leaning in when you are in a group shot, sit straight up and relax.

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