Five Ways to Grow Your Lifestyle Blog

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Blogging allows you to express yourself, create content inspired by your personal experiences, hobbies, and interests, and is a great way for you to communicate. Blogging can be considered a hobby but it is possible to make a living from it. You must learn how to build your blog, and then take action.

These are five ways to grow your blog whether you’re just starting out or an experienced blogger.

1. Create social media platforms

There are many social media sites, but the most popular are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Interacting with your followers and posting will increase blog visits. This will be your blog’s main driving force. This is great as you can draw attention to your blog from multiple platforms. With a short video and the right hashtags, you can target your audience easily.

It may take some time to get more followers and views if you don’t already have social media. You can buy Instagram views from services such as to make your accounts seem more credible.

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2. Find a supportive community

We often assume that we can do it all on our own. Two communities should be available to support you in your entrepreneurial journey.

People who have been through the same experience as you. People who are motivated and can hold you accountable. People who can understand, sympathize and celebrate successes. You will be motivated to keep going if you know you are not alone.

The second category is for those who have been there. I don’t mean entrepreneurs with 8-figure businesses. I am referring to those who are just a step ahead of you. These are people who have overcome the same problems you face.

3. Quality and consistency

Your blog won’t grow if you don’t publish quality content.

Some bloggers publish 5 blogs per day while others only post one. One post can bring in more traffic than five average posts if it is well written. Begin with just two or three topics, and then work your way up. Fitness, yoga, healthy eating and travel are some of the most popular topics.

Forbes says there are both short-form and longer-form content cases. Forbes says that you should aim to post at least 500 words per blog post. However, it is important to focus on writing pieces of substance, not fluff, in your own style and with something to share.

4. Promote

Source: 77% of internet users read blogs (source), but to reach them, you must first get them to your site. This is as important as writing blog posts.

Promoting your blog is just as important as working on it. Marketing is essential if you are going to make this a business. You can also form partnerships with other people to promote your page, and you shouldn’t be ashamed of brag about yourself.

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5. Be Authentic

Whatever happens, remember to be you. You’ll be amazed at how authentic your favourite lifestyle bloggers are.

You can build trust and openly share your life lessons and experiences, both positive and negative. This is a great way for you to stand out in the lifestyle blog market.

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