How to Invert Colors in iPhone

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You can change the display colors with both Android and iOS devices. If the default display setting is not what you prefer, this feature can be used. It also gives the device a unique appearance.

As the name implies, Invert Colors works. The Invert Colors feature changes the colors of pixels on your display to opposite shades. The dark colors will change to light shades, while the black colors will become white. We have provided the steps to enable the Invert Colors feature of your iPhone in this guide. This guide will show you how to invert the colors on your iPhone’s display.

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Follow the instructions below to turn on the Invert Colors feature. You have two options to activate Invert Colors on your phone. These two methods are discussed in the guide below.

These are the steps to activate Invert Colors on iPhone

  • Open the Settings app for your iPhone
  • Navigate to Accessibility
  • Click on the Display and Text Size tab
  • You can find Classic Invert and Smart Invert on the menu
  • To switch it on, slide the button.

This is one way to get Invert Colors for your iPhone. There is an additional way to get the Invert Colors feature. Edit the notification bar on your device to add the Invert Colors symbol. This shortcut allows you to quickly turn on and off the feature without any fuss.

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