Risk Of Rain 2 Best Characters Guide

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Risk of Rain 2 is a popular rogue-like game. You can play several characters, known as Surviours. You should choose someone with extraordinary skills and abilities if you want to have fun in your battles.

This post will focus on the most memorable characters from Risk of Rain 2.

These are the top characters for Risk of rain 2.

1. Acrid

The Acrid can be used to do extensive damage to the field. This Survivor can be used to increase your chances for victory by using poison attacks. Rare powerful attacks such as the Old Guillotine are also available.

Acrid’s poison can kill enemies, however. Acrid’s poison cannot slow down or withstand melee attacks.

2. Artificer

Risk of Rain 2’s D-tier character is the Artificer. It can be unlocked by completing the Pause challenge.

This character is regarded as one of the most memorable characters in Risk of Rain 2. She can use a few items in order to lead the battles. Also, she has a high probability of activating Uncommon Attacks such as the Ukulele.

Unfortunately, this character doesn’t have enough health. The Artificer is prone to being hit by attacks during battles. Cooldowns prevent her from using her abilities freely.

3. Commando

This yellow-brown character has many great qualities. The Commando is simple to use and comes with an impressive set of tools. He can also help you understand the game. He is slow and dependent on others.

4. Engineer

You can find the Engineer on Risk of Rain 2’s Best Characters Guide. This Survivor promises many skills that will allow you to play the game quickly. For solo missions, the Engineer is a great choice.

The Engineer is able to withstand many battlefield attacks because of its remarkable survival rate and healing abilities. The character does not perform well in the Monsoon difficulty.

Risk Of Rain 2 Best Characters Guide

5. Huntress

The Huntress, like many of the other characters mentioned in our Risk of Rain 2 Best Characters Guide is an excellent choice for this game. You must win the Warrior Challenge to be eligible to become this Survivor.

She is a great dash fighter and can cause significant damage to enemies in-game. She has the lowest HP in the game.

6. Loader

Risk of Rain 2’s Loader is another interesting character. She is fast and agile, and can throw incredible punches. She is strong and can handle any challenge.

However, she can’t cause serious damage to flying enemies. This is a major weakness of this Survivor.

7. Mercenary

This Survivor is able to use a wide range of abilities, including cybernetic enhancements and laser swords. The Mercenary is one of Risk of Rain’s most beloved characters.

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